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How Can I Help You to Market Your

Professional Services?


Get Clients Now! Marketing Plan



Get Clients Now!T is a powerful system for landing more clients or better clients - in short, for making more money with less effort. By working through the Get Clients Now!T monthly program, you will


  • Learn to build your in-flow of clients and referrals by doing 10 easy things per day
  • Design a tailor-made marketing campaign YOU will have no problem implementing
  • Identify and build all the tools you will need to gain the visibility and credibility and do the outreach necessary to build your business.


This program will help you to


  • Define your target market (define your ideal customer)
  • Prepare an effective 30-second commercial (say who you are and what you do concisely and clearly)
  • Develop a basic introductory telephone script
  • Prepare basic marketing materials like business cards, web site, brochure
  • Develop a simple description of services
  • Figure out what to say to prospects once they are in front of you
  • Develop an intake process that takes you from that 1st conversation to closing the sale
  • Distinguish qualified prospects (those who need and want the services you are selling) from those who are not.
  • Change or focus your target market and/or services
  • Bring in higher paying clients
  • Increase your $/hour
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Motivate yourself to upgrade your marketing materials to reflect your new market position
  • Develop topics to prepare you for public speaking or writing

For information on upcoming group workshops, please write me at


"The magic formula for service business marketing and sales is choosing a set of simple, effective things to do, and doing them consistently."


•  CJ Hayden, Get Clients Now!


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